Fused Glass - Pocket Creeper Face

Crawler Face An Army of Creepers

A fused glass pocket size Creeper Face that is a 1.5" square, weighs 0.9 oz and easily fits into a pocket.

The face is made from two layers of glass fused together, a bottom layer of clear glass and a top layer of light green glass. The face is executed using three pieces of black fusible glass. The eyes are two small segments and the rest is a diamond saw cut blank with the desired shape. As a fused glass piece made from two 1/8" thick glass pieces that are formed into a 1/4 " blank (like plate glass) it is very strong. I use Spectrum Company Fusible glasses. The expansion coefficient of glasses that are fused together must be matched so the item will not crack while it cools down.

As shown in the enlarged Creeper Face image on the left, fused items make from multiple layers often develop small air bubbles trapped between the layers. This image has two such small bubbles. They usually form at the boundary between the interior layers, inside the glass blank. These are not flaws and add unique character to each piece. While I can estimate where they might occur, even with years of fusing experience, I can not predict bubble location or the number of them with accuracy.

For small orders my Pocket Creeper Faces are $3.00 USD each (as of 2/2015). For bulk orders, over 20, please contact me via the email link below for a price quote.

Packing and shipping within the continental US is extra and depends on the number ordered. They are shipped USPS.

This item can be shipped internationally using the First-Class Package International Service of the USPS. Contact me for the shipping cost and estimated shipping time for international orders.

On the right is an small Army of Pocket Creeper Faces ready to be created in my kiln. They are formed at 1400 degrees F in my kiln. For those that might be interested a kiln firing takes about 12 to 14 hours but all the material forming takes place at a specific peak temperature held for a set time. For there small Pocket Creeper Faces, especially since the face is black glass, the peak temperature is 1400 degrees F and the hold time is 20 minutes. All the rest of the time is needed to heat the glass up and then cool it down without fracturing. It's like smelting an item within the Minecraft's world.

They are "fun" little party gifts for the gamer set. I need about 2 weeks lead time for shipping within the US. For international shipping additional lead time is needed.

Note: These are fused glass art pieces not toys and are recommended for use by mature gamers ages 8 to adults.

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