Custom Handmade Hardwood Lazy Susan Turntables and Small Trivets.

Custom Lazy Susan Finished Custom Lazy Susan Finished View2 I've recently extended the handmade hardwood items I make to include Lazy Susan Turntables. My first turntables used Bubinga wood, an African Rosewood with a grain that has reddish brown streaks. It's a very dense wood that has acoustical properties due to the density. Common uses for Bubinga are traditional African drums, parts of high quality handmade acoustical guitars, and the dashboard wood trim on some Lexus automobiles.

The photo on the left and the right show a 20" diameter turntable in Bubinga Wood with different lighting. The image on the left used the camera's flash while the right image was without flash. The rooms lighting was normal daytime lighting. For contrast, the image further down on the left is of the same blank without any finished applied.

The most common turntable sizes are:

Since each turntable is custom made other sizes are possible. Just contact me regarding your needs.

As cost examples, as of June 2017, turntables made using Bubinga wood are $160 for a large size turntable and $125 for the small size. There is a PDF Information Sheet document describing available species and costs that you can accessed via the link at the bottom of this page. The document shows images of the different species of wood for reference.

Shipping is additional. I ship via FedEx Ground and quote the shipping cost once a turntable size is known and the ship to zipcode is supplied. I ship from my shop in Durham, NC. The approximate cost for packing, insurance and shipping is $40 to a West Coast address and $25 for an East Coast one.

I stock the following four Exotic Species. The descriptions are from the Wall Lumber catalogue, my lumber supplier.

Custom Zebrawood Lazy Susan Custom Canarywood Lazy Suzie

The image on the left shows a 14" turntable in Zebra Wood (sometimes written as one work - Zebrawood) with the dramatic dark streaks against a background of shades of tan that is characteristic of this African wood.

The image on the right shows a 14" turntable in Canary Wood (sometimes written as one word - Canarywood). The grain tones of yellows and browns are the hallmark of this South American tropical wood.

Custom Lacewood Lazy Susan Turntable rings

The image on the left shows a 14" turntable is Lace Wood (sometimes written as one word - Lacewood) with the striking figure of the wood's surface that gives it a lace like look. This wood, like Canary Wood, is a South American tropical wood.

I use high quality aluminum ball bearing units to give a smooth motion to all my turntables. The image on the right shows two such units. The larger one is 17" in diameter, used for 19 to 20" turntables, while the smaller one is 14" and used for 16" turntables. A third slightly smaller unit is used for a 14" turntable. These units have an outer ring that sits on your table top, via 6 small nylon feet, and is stationary. The inner ring is attached to the bottom of your turntable and allows for full 360 degree rotation of the Lazy Susan unit. The ball bearings are between the rings.

Custom Lacewood Lazy Susan Custom Canarywood Lazy Susan

This set of images show the edge grain and top grain, at a low angle of view, for a Lace Wood turntable on the left and Canary Wood one on the right.

I also stock three American Hardwood from Wall Lumber.

Lazy Susan Information Document

To see a PDF fact sheet (145 Kb) for details about available wood species and cost for the two regular sizes use the following link -- Exotic Wood Lazy Susan Information. Remember to use your browser back arrow to return to my site. It assumes you have the Adobe Reader available.

To see the full list of Exotic Woods available from the Wall Lumber Co. site page use the following link - Wall Lumber Co - Exotic Woods page. Remember to use your browser back arrow to return to my site. The prices shown on this site are for the raw wood per board foot. Surfacing, shipping, straight line ripping, and the usual loss from random width and length boards adds about 50% to the actual wood cost for a turntable.

Small Wood Trivets

Small Trivet in Canaywood Small Trivet in LaceWood

As a woodworker I hate to waste any of these Exotic Woods. The exotic wood boards come in random lengths and widths. Thus often there will be pieces at the end of a board that are too short for buildup purposes. Also, if I build up a square blank for smaller turntables, ones in the 14" to 16" range, there are four corner cutoffs left after cutting out the circular blank. I use all such pieces to make small square blanks to form the trivets. The leftover pieces can make a blank for a trivet in the 4" to 8" range.

The image on the left shows a small trivet in Canarywood while the image of the right shows one in Lacewood. Both trivets are approximately 4.25" squares. The trivets have 4 small neoprene feet attached to the bottom surface.

They are ideal for the display of a small to medium sized vase or a figurine.

The wood species is usually related to what turntables I've recently made so not all species may be available at a given time. Send me an email, via the link at the bottom of this page, to find out what wood species I currently have available.

The cost per trivet, including shipping, range from $45 (for 4" squares) to $65 (for 8" squares) (as of July 2017) and are shipped via USPS 3-Day Priority Rate boxes.