Handmade hardwood Easels - Built to last.

Custom Easel My handmade hardwood easels are made to last a lifetime and then be passed on to another generation. The hardware used is commonly available carriage bolts and wing nuts. So if a piece gets lost it can be easily replaced at any hardware store.

The image on the left shows one of my easels in a red oak natural finish, with a standard 24" by 36" matte cardboard piece in place.

I guarantee the wood pieces for my lifetime. OK, I'm 76 (as of 2016) but plan to still be doing art glass and hardwood pieces for the next 20+ years, God willing.

Some years ago we called about a Faberware pot we got as a wedding present, in 1963. The original packaging said "lifetime" warrantee! The phone rep said well it's now understood to be 25 years! I should have said "Well Bless your heart, but I plan to live much longer".

My warrantee only ends with my passing, with no ifs, ands ,or butts attached [as a good kosher hot dog says]. If I'm still above ground, I'll replace the wood piece.

Prices vary based on the species of wood and height desired plus the shipping location. The height establishes the width of the legs and the length of the cross piece that supports the items to be displayed. The usual range for red oak easels is under $100. I always offer a fixed price quote for a specific size, wood and the ship to zipcode.

Two Easels Folded Easel The right image shows the two sizes I've made to date. The smaller is about 4' high and the larger is about 5'. Other sizes are possible but the base tends to get quite wide after about 6' high.

The left image shows the easel with the connecting chain detached so the easel folds into a flat position. If the three carriage bolts are removed, the easel comes apart into 4 pieces that can be easily stored or shipped. The chain is attached to the front horizontal piece. The back leg has a slightly open eye hook so the chain can be removed easily. No tools are needed for assembly or take down.

The usual wood species I carry are American hardwoods: red oak, cherry or walnut. The red oak can be stained prior to applying a satin finish polyurethane for protection. The cherry and walnut just have a satin finish polyurethane finish applied to highlight the beautiful wood grain and colors.

If you are interested in an exotic hardwood piece you have found the only site on the internet, I believe, that will consider an easel build with your desired species of wood.

I can also construct custom size easels. As a single artist studio, I strive to exceed your expectations at a competitive price.

I order my wood from Wall Lumber Co. in NC. If you are interested in other wood species go to Steve's site using the link shown, click the Products item on the left of the Home Page and see what's available - Wall Lumber Co.