Custom Handmade Hardwood Framing for Canvas Artwork.

Custom Handmade Artwork frame in mahogany At the request of my daughter I made three solid mahogany frames for canvas mounted photographs from her wedding.

The frames are designed for artwork items mounted on their own frame. The piece inserts into the wood frame. It is attached to the wood frame by screws on the vertical sides. The artwork piece is raised about 1/8" from the wood frame edge. This helps to highlight the artwork image.

This design is intended for works that do not have glass in front of them. This also makes the frames very easy to ship even in large sizes.

I believe I can offer very attractive prices for frames like these made from oak, cherry, walnut, or mahogany.

Custom Handmade Artwork frame corner detail The small image on the right show some detail of the frame and canvas at a corner. The frame lays flat against the wall. The hooks and hanging wire are in the recess behind the frame and canvas piece. This yields a very finished look.