Handmade Premium Hardwood Bookcases.

Custom Cherry Bookcase As with my wine rack table, if you are a connoisseur of wood then you've found the site to order your individually built handmade bookcase in a wood of your choice.

The bookcase shown is solid American Cherry with a furniture grade cherry plywood back. The size is 24" wide and 36" tall. Each of the two shelves has five height positions offering a wide range of options for the three shelf positions. The beautiful top surface can be used for display of items or as an additional book area with you supplying the bookends.

I cannot handcraft my bookcases in oak and compete with Asian hardwoods fabricated in far distant lands. But, if you want a beautiful piece of furniture crafted in American Cherry, American Walnut, or some exotic wood like Bubinga (one of the African Rosewoods), Wenge, Zebrawood or Kingwood (one of the most expensive woods still available) then read on!

My bookcases are individually crafted. I burn my name and the year you order the bookcase on the bottom side of the back.

Some assembly is required. My bookcases have cleats at the top and bottom corners. Each requires insertion of 3 screws into predrilled holes. The bookcase back is attached with a number of small screws into predrilled holes. The back is the main case element that gives rigidity to the case. The size shown, 24" wide by 36" high, is easily shipped via FedEx Ground. Larger sizes are possible but may require a fixed shelf.

The finish is three coats of Clear Satin Wipe-On Poly finish by MinWax, and a final Clear Satin Gel-Varnish by Old Masters coat, to give a harder final coat, to the top surface of the case. I would never apply a stain to these naturally beautiful hardwoods. If you want stain, on anything but oak, please find another woodworker.

I order my wood from Wall Lumber Co., about 80 miles from my home in Durham, NC. If you are interested in the exotic woods available you can go to their site using the link shown, click the Products item on the left of their Home Page and then take the Exotic Hardwood item - Wall Lumber Co. Plywood for the back is not available in all exotic species. In those species I would work to define the wood species closest to your selection for the back.