Stained Glass Designs

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Two New items (7/2017) have been added, one each to the Wood and Fused Glass pages. See them via New Items - Designs recently added to my site.

My Studio Photo My name is George McGinn of Durham, North Carolina. For more information about me use the image icon on the left to visit my Artist page.

I do a wide range of designs, some with a Frank Lloyd Wright influence in layout and limited color use. Others use lots of bevels for that ideal suncatcher. I have designs with a religious art influence for those of the Christian and Jewish traditions. My custom pieces are ideal for home remodeling projects since they can be made in a range of sizes to fit existing spaces. I also do small handmade hardwood furniture. For custom work I always offer a firm quote. See Design Process below in the secondary links list for more information.

My Crystal Palace One of my most popular designs is my "Victorian Crystal Palace" terrarium. I make larger terrariums, some with a volume of over 2 cubic feet, which are true Wardian Cases for the serious indoor plant grower. I can also fabricate three dimensional glass segments to construct true domed upper stories, an option that I believe is unique within terrarium designs worldwide. For more information about my numerous terrarium designs and options use the terrarium image icon to visit my Terrarium page. A new item as of March 2016 is my DIY kit to construct a "Small Garden" terrarium design yourself, if you are into stained glass art.

Celtic Designs Another popular area of my designs is the "Celtic Design" section. Most use Celtic Knot bevel clusters and colored glasses.

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Sample Photos

Below are photographs of some designs.

These six designs, along with many other designs, can be seen on the following pages

Custom Stained Glass Transom Lazy Susan in Bubunga Wood Cobalt Blue Wine Bottle Transom

Custom American Flag Hanging Custom Pineapple Bevel Hamging Stained Glass - Terrarium Design 2 side view

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